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Is honesty the best policy?

Posted by Abdur Razaq | 12:31 PM |

When life is going along well, there are rarely temptations. You have everything under control and there's no need to cut corners. But as the household budget comes under pressure, you have to keep the cost of essentials like auto insurance under control. No-one wants to risk driving out on the public roads without insurance. Cars are essential to most households.

You don't want to be put in the situation of having to choose between food and insuring the car. Yet, if you have picked up a traffic ticket, there's a temptation not to pass the news on to your insurer. You're almost certain the result will be a premium increase, particularly if it was a moving offense - insurers tend to think people who drive too fast or without paying proper attention to the rules of the road are more likely to get into accidents.

So what are the issues? Most auto insurance companies treat the ticket as "important" for between three and five years, and raise your premium. The amount of the increase will depend on the offense. A speeding ticket where you were only a few miles per hour over the limit will not have a big effect. But if you were driving under the influence of drink or drugs, the effect will be significant.

For starters, in many states, you will be caught up in the SR-22 scene. This is a certificate issued by your insurance company to your state's Department of Motor Vehicles. It certifies that, even though you are a "problem driver", you're carrying the minimum liability covered required by your state. Except that many insurers are unhappy if you have a drink driving or DUI conviction and either refuse cover or charge a deterrent premium. That means getting the SR-22 can be expensive.

So you're tempted to keep quiet and hope your insurer will not notice the ticket(s). That keeps the premiums affordable. But, as and when the company finds out, your auto insurance policy will be cancelled. Your failure to disclose facts that were material to assessing the risks and setting the premiums can, if deliberate, be treated as fraud and you could find yourself the subject of prosecution or civil suit. Worse, no other insurance company will then insure you. It's not that honesty is the best policy. It's the only way you can get and keep a policy in place.

Rating the insurance companies

Posted by Abdur Razaq | 12:31 PM |

Has it occurred to you that it's not very fair when insurance companies start poking around your life. They want to know how well you drive your vehicle, what you have in your home worth protecting, how likely you are to fall sick and, most cheerfully, when you think you're going to die. There's no part of your life they don't investigate and build into their models for deciding how much to charge you as a premium in your latest policy. So you retaliate. Instead of blindly picking a company out of yellow pages, you use a site like this to get comparative quotes from all the best companies. You then start poking around in their lives. Are these companies financially strong? Will they still be around in a few years time to pay on your claims? You want to choose the best company to insure you whether it's auto, home, health or life insurance. Why bother? Look around you. Banks and large insurance companies like AIG have been getting bailouts from the federal government. Checking out the financial strength of an auto insurance company is necessary before you start paying them your hard-earned dollars.

So where do you look? There are a number of companies that make their living by rating the performance of other companies. Some are general. So, for example, Standard & Poor rate the whole range of commercial enterprises including those in financial services (see their website at Others are more specialized like Fitch and A.M. Best which have the insurance industry as their primary focus (see their websites at and You should also find the website operated by the Insurance Department or Commissioner of Insurance for your own state. The best states not only operate a complaints service, but publish an annual report identifying all the companies against whom complaints have been upheld. This gives you a good measure of how the companies actually deliver on their advertised services.

Then you should ask around all your family, friends and colleagues at work. Check out what the word-of-mouth is on the companies you are thinking about giving your auto insurance business. The everyday experience of these people is a vital source of information. Slightly less reliable are the "complaint" or consumer report sites. Most of the people who put up reports are motivated by revenge. They have had poor service and want the world to know about it. Many commercial sites that depend on commission by selling auto insurance add their own "better" reports to balance out the bad. Read both good and bad with a skeptical eye. When you have rated the auto insurers, decide which one gives you the best value terms and buy.

The world of technology is changing fast. When I was young, it was not uncommon for tradespeople to use a horse and cart for local deliveries around town. Now, we have trains that ride on a magnetic field, jet aircraft and hybrid cars. The idea of a hybrid is quite fascinating. As a gardner, to be able to take two different species and create something new with the best qualities of both. As a technologist, to be able to take a conventional internal combustion engine and combine it with electric motors. It's like a marriage. When the two components work well together, they are strong. If there's disharmony, breakdown follows close behind.

So what's driving this hybrid technology? The main reason is fuel economy. Gas prices have been rising fast with the $4 gallon reached and passed. Although some prefer to play around with biofuels to keep conventional engines running on greener fuel, the better strategy looks to use less fuel. It's now not uncommon for hybrid vehicles to achieve 50 mpg - a big improvement on the SUVs and Hummers. The retail prices have been quite high as the first of these new cars rolled out on to the public roads so, to encourage the switch to this more eco-friendly technology, there have been various federal and state tax incentives. Some states have been giving priority in the use of parking spaces or reductions in tolls. All these add up to big savings, which get even bigger when you look at the auto insurance industry.

Many of the companies offering auto insurance have been offering a discount of up to 10% for those using the new technology. Using a site like this is the best way of shopping around to find out which company is offering the best rates. This is not a corporate policy to combat global warming. It reflects the reality that those who buy hybrid cars are more thoughtful and careful, buying a vehicle that is slightly less powerful than the conventional car, and one that will probably not be driven quite as many miles in a year as the conventional car. People who drive less powerful cars more slowly have fewer accidents and so justify lower premiums. It's sad that Detroit chose to stay with the gas-guzzler as the main product line. The big three U.S. car producers are facing an uncertain future as the hybrids grow more popular. If they survive the economic downturn, hopefully they can retool and compete in delivering this new technology. Until then, imported cars save money both at the gas pump and in reduced auto insurance premiums. They are a good buy.

What to do after a car accident?

Posted by Abdur Razaq | 12:31 PM |

Despite the fact that car accidents are more mostly happening in the winter time, the things you have to manage afterwards an accident took place are never changing. Evidently it is difficult to think distinctly after turning out in an accident. Therefore it is significant to know in advance you turn out in a car accident what do you have to do first and what questions might be needed to be answered. This check list is meant to help you learn what you should do after you've got in a car accident. It is essential that you would look over it right away and then out-type it and retain a duplicate with you in your carrier.

Ascertain the degree of deterioration or harms

At first you should try to keep yourself calm and not to get nervous. Anxiety can definitely make others anxious and the event might get even worse. The situation has a need of a very unruffled individual to ascertain the degree of deterioration and to find out if there are any of the damages that require instant medicinal care.

Register an automobile accident statement with the police

Even in a very little accident it is very significant to make certain that there is a legitimate accident statement. You should not abandon the accident scene till a full statement is filed by police.

Talk over the automobile accident solely with the police

It might be difficult to prevent talking about what just only happened, with everyone all shook up, but that might also make you not pondering keen and promptly about what just occurred. It is essential to restrict your conversation of the accident and not to acknowledge any mistake or responsibility. You should be talking on the account of the accident with your insurance agent and the police solely.

Obtain the data

This is one is something most people know they have to manage, but frequently forget to after the car accident for one cause or the other. It is essential to obtain phone numbers, names, and address of everyone implicated in the particular automobile accident. A description of the vehicle and registration mark number might also be wholesome, but make certain you as well reach their auto insurance provider company and the vehicle authentication number of their auto. Don't just suppose the registration mark number will be enough because most insurance underwriters are only recording the type of auto and the vehicle authentication number, not the registration mark number.

Phone your insurance provider

Phone your car insurance agent or company's support number straightway, even at the accident scene with the police if it is probable. At times the police officer might give your auto insurance agent or company more specific and accurate kind of data rather than the data you might not be filing appropriately because you are really off-tuned by the automobile accident. This might be able to let you economize a lot of your precious time later, while you will be waiting for your claim to be handled.

Short run sickness insurance

Posted by Abdur Razaq | 12:31 PM |

If you have lately lost your health coverage, but still are expecting to receive new coverage during a year, a short run health coverage plan might be what you need at the moment. To learn more, simply continue reading this article.

Short run health coverage - what is it?

Several insurance policies proffer policies that are made to wash off people through short intervals in sickness insurance coverage. These policies carry the name of temporary or short-term health coverage policies.

While it might be workable for you to find a short-term insurance policy that will be covering you for up to three years, or thirty six months, most of these kinds of policies are restricted to twelve months, or one year, of coverage or even less. Short run policies are excellent for robust people that are processing through some sort of transition period - for instance, modern college seniors that are waiting for sickness insurance advantages at their first job to start. The efficacious term here is "robust" - short run sickness insurance policies are set forth below, which means that the insurance provider company must be gratified that you are not probable to make many claims for the duration of the current policy.

How much would I need to spend on it?

Short run sickness insurance is tending to be essentially low-priced than the other kinds of insurance, involving COBRA prolongation coverage. Some customers might qualify for exhaustive coverage for less than hundred dollars per month. This is the reason some people who are losing their job-based insurance select short run policies gladly than choosing COBRA. Nevertheless, if you fail to select and discharge your COBRA prolongation coverage, you will definitely lose some of the buyer rights - involving your right to coverage of any pre-clinical medical situations, and the right to obtain a constant personal health insurance policy at a subsequent date.

If you settle to purchase a short run health insurance policy, make certain you comprehend what you are obtaining for your finances. If you discover a policy for fifty dollars per month, but it has a three thousand dollars deductible per damage or sickness, you will be returning for practically all of your medicinal costs out of your own pocket. This kind of policy would only maintain you if you underwent an exceedingly expensive damage or sickness. Make certain you read your policy documents and comprehend what your out-of-pocket costs are probably going to be.

So, what is it covering?

Short run policies normally do not cover certain prophylactic medicinal care or pre-clinical situations. Nevertheless, if you become sick or you are injured while covered under a short run health insurance coverage policy, any extraordinary facilities, admission to hospital, diagnostic program, or medical supervision visitation costs you endure must be covered under your health insurance policy. During just the length of time that your health care costs might be connected to a certain sickness or damage that you've had experienced within the limit of the term of your coverage, you have to be covered.